Henk Peeters
Vocational Service
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The principle objectives of the Vocational Service Committee are:
  • To encourage, in the respective vocation of all Rotary members and others in the community, the highest standards of business and professional behavior.
  • To foster, encourage and identify each year, a citizen of our community who will be awarded a plaque as well as a monetary award to be used on behalf of the community institution or organization he assists or counsels in his vocation or avocation.
  • Members of the Vocational Service Committee will work with the local schools to assist in placing students with local businesses to expose them to the variety of vocations available to them upon graduation either in the community or  beyond.
There is considerable overlap with other programs managed by the Youth Service Committee and there will be assistance provided to them as needed.
The Vocational Service Committee was re-established in our Rotary Club in 2014.
We are still finding our way but get stronger each year.