On Saturday, April 10, seven Rotarians met under the Dry Creek Road overpass, to successfully pick up 18 bags of trash (plus large pieces of cardboard) from 3 on- and off-ramps on the east side of 101 in Healdsburg. 
Because of the pandemic, this was our first clean up since September 2020.  Community service feels good and does good.  The next AAH clean up will be in July.
Protected by helmets, goggles, gloves, & reflective vests provided by CalTrans Maintenance Department, we split up and went to work with our "grabbers."  Two hours later, the ramps were clean, and each volunteer found a unique item or "trash treasure" > one man's credit cards, a tire, retreads, Volvo hub cap, shopping cart, a pitcher, and a quality piece of handmade art.